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With over 70 years of experience in the industry, our dedicated team has honed the skills and expertise necessary to deliver results-driven SEO audits that give you actionable steps to grow and improve your SEO performance across technical, content & strategy.



Our SEO Audits

SEO Audit Opportunity Analysis1

SEO Opportunity Analysis Audit

Looking for an overview of how you can improve your current SEO performance? Our SEO opportunity analysis audit will give you an insight on how you’re currently trending & what keywords you’re ranking for. Myself and my team will then review and share your potential keyword segments as a business, your main competitors for these keywords and a 6 month plan on how we can scale your SEO past your competition. The ultimate goal is increase keywords, improve traffic and generate an ROI from SEO sales.  

Keyword Research & Sitemap Audit

Keywords are the cornerstone of any successful SEO strategy. Effective keyword research ensures that you’re targeting the right terms, optimising your content for search intent, and driving qualified traffic to your website.

Meanwhile, your website’s sitemap is like a roadmap that helps search engines navigate and index your site’s content. A well-structured sitemap ensures that every page on your website is discoverable and accessible to both users and search engine crawlers, improving your chances of ranking higher in search results.

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SEO Competitor Audit

A competitor audit is a crucial step in developing a winning SEO strategy. By analysing your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, you can uncover valuable insights, identify gaps in the market, and capitalise on opportunities to improve your own SEO performance.

At Ink Digital, we employ a comprehensive approach to competitor analysis, combining advanced tools and manual techniques to gain deep insights into your competitors’ SEO strategies. 

Our SEO Audit Consultants

Frame 918504 2 min

Michael, CEO

SEO experience:

I've been working with SEO since I left school over 12 years ago.

Clients managed:

Ocean Holidays, & IMO Car Wash

My favourite thing about SEO is:

Seeing growth across our clients businesses and watching them be successful! It's a lot of work to get there so is extremely rewarding to see them rise above competitors.

I specialise in:

Technical SEO, Content Marketing & On-page strategy

I cover the following CMS platforms:

WordPress, Shopfiy & Customer CMS platforms.

Frame 918504 3 min

Charlie, SEO Manager

SEO experience:

I began my SEO journey as a content apprentice initially, before moving into a role as a fully fledged SEO executive 3 years ago. Since then, I have become an SEO manager.

Clients managed:

Ocean Holidays, ShuttersUp, WingedBoots, Devitt Insurance

My favourite thing about SEO is:

Seeing hard work pay off! Often, SEO can be subjective, and one person's way of approaching something can be different to another's. Trusting a mix of your gut and your experience can be daunting, but seeing it pay off is so rewarding!

I specialise in:

SEO Strategy, URL Structuring, On- Page & "Pain Point" SEO.

I cover the following CMS platforms:

WordPress, Shopfiy & Custom Built CMS platforms.

Frame 918504 6 min

John, Head Of SEO

SEO experience:

I've been working with SEO since 2003 so I've seen a lot of changes in that time!

Clients managed:

I oversee the whole client base and manage the department operations.

My favourite thing about SEO is:

Seeing how transformational it can be for businesses, as well as how it fits into the wider marketing mix - meaning it's one of the most cost-effective channels.

I specialise in:

SEO strategy and the overall marketing mix.

I cover the following CMS platforms:

WordPress, Shopfiy & Customer CMS platforms.

SEO Audit Packages

Opportunity Analysis

Cost: £495.00 + VAT Delivery 3-5 working days
  • Potential keyword research examples
  • Current Visibility
  • Insights on the last 2 years' SEO performance
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Local SEO Analysis
  • 6-month SEO timeline 

SEO Competitor Audit

Cost: £1495.00 + VAT Delivery 8-10 working days
  • On-page competitor audit with analysis across 3 segments of the business looking at:
  • Word Count
  • DA & PA
  • Heading Structure
  • On-page optimisation
  • Content keyword density
  • URL Structure
  • Referring domains & backlinks
  • Internal Links
  • Speed
  • Actionable next steps

Keyword Research & SEO Sitemap Audit

Cost: £1950.00 + VAT Delivery 14-28 working days
  • Keyword research
    (Search Console, Sem Rush, Keyword Planner, PPC keywords, Competitor Gap analysis)
  • Keywords sitemap
  • Keywords tracked
  • On-site implementation brief
    (title tags, h1s & Meta’s)

An award winning SEO audit process

We create SEO audits that give you the information you need as a business to make the correct decisions on your SEO campaign. Here’s our process….

Discovery Call

There are 2 elements to the first steps of our award-winning SEO audit process. You will either have a call with our founder, Michael, who will take the time to understand your business and what you’re looking to achieve. We will discuss your main competitors and the type of keywords you’re looking to rank for. We will also discuss the types of leads that generate you the best ROI as a business.

SEO Audit Research

We will then conduct our audit research. The research here will depend on the SEO audit you choose. This will either be keyword research alongside a keyword sitemap or a competitor audit that unlocks the next steps to rank above your closest industry rivals. We use a range of tools to generate high-quality data and making sure that the information presented is fully accurate with actionable next steps.

Presenting SEO Audit

Once we have our SEO audit ready, we will organise a meeting or call with you and your team to reveal the results. At this point we will present the current state of play in regard to SEO and what needs to happen to improve your performance. The keyword research and sitemap audit will give you an audit that includes and on-page strategy where all title tags, H1’s & meta descriptions can be updated so you can look to generate some instant improvements.

Campaign Execution & Next Steps

After we have presented our SEO audit to you, we will also present a roadmap fo the next 6-12 months on what can be implemented by your team internally or using our team. This is a great plan to share with your current agency if you’re looking to get a second opinion on the work being done. Have questions about our SEO audit process? Book a discovery call today to discuss how we can support your organic growth!

Unsure what SEO Audit you need?

If you are unsure what audit is best for your business, get in contact today and we will let you know. 

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Our SEO Audit Success Stories

We are passionate about working with brands who want to improve their online visibility and stand out in their industry, and you can see how we achieve this with our  SEO Audit case studies below.

334% Increase In Ranking Keywords

58 New Keywords In The Top 3 Positions

91% Increase In Organic Traffic

SEO Audit FAQs

Will You Fix The Issues Highlighted In An SEO Audit?

This will be different for each and every business. If you have internal resource, you may want to use this to make the suggested changes. We can, however, make all the changes needed using our internal team here. We have on-page specialist as well as technical SEO specialist changes. We can brief your development team or use ours. 

Will the audit give us actionable changes to make?

Yes, the SEO audit will include next steps across all 3 different audit types. The keyword sitemap audit will include a sitemap to be implemented by us or your team. The competitor audit will give you actionable next steps to implement across your main keyword segments. 

Do you offer fully managed SEO services?

Yes, we as well as SEO audit services, we also offer fully managed SEO services for a range of businesses. Book a discovery call today and find out how we can scale your business! 

Does it matter what niche the website is?

No, we can support any business in any niche. We will take the time to speak with you initially to ensure we understand your business as best as possible. This will help us create a specific audit that supports your business! 

Will you audit every page on my website?

We will audit every page template you have on the website. For example, if you are an eCommerce business with over 5000 products, we would not be able to provide specific keyword research and optimisation for every product, however, we will create templated optimisation that can be used as a default across the website. 

Can you audit any website CMS?

Yes, we are experts across all CMS platforms such as WordPress, Shopfiy & Magento. We are also able to optimise custom websites. 

Can you audit my website post migration?

Yes – we offer a range of services for businesses who are looking to migrate there wbesite. We would advise investing in a keyword sitemap audit pre migration so we can look to improve your SEO efforts once you make the jump. SEO should be considered before moving to another website or making big website changes. We would look to create a strategy around pre & post website migration. 

Can i get a free SEO audit?

Backlinks are important for SEO for travel websites, as well as for many other industries. By gaining backlinks from high authoritative sites, your site is viewed as trustworthy, which can lead to improved rankings and referral traffic. We include link building within all of our SEO strategies and work to identify sites which would help to boost your backlink profile.

Still have a question?

If your question isn’t answered above, then get in touch!

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