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We partnered with Crosstown to help them dominate the online doughnut delivery space while increasing the local visibility of there local stores across London and beyond.

We built a strategy around keyword research and competition gap analysis to achieve clear results and ROI.

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Crosstown SEO Case Study


Crosstown is one of the leading bakeries in London and around the UK. They roll their dough by hand. They work hard to ensure all of their jams, compotes, fillings, glazes and toppings in-house, fresh every day, using the finest ingredients they can find to deliver real, honest flavour. Below is an outline on what the objectives where for our campaign.

Crosstown already had and still has a fantastic brand presence before we started our work. Our objective and KPIs were around increasing the exposure of their brand to those searching non-brand related terms such as ‘doughnut delivery’ to ensure Crosstown would be able to introduce their brand and products to users searching for relevant products.

A key part of this campaign was building strategic backlinks. What do we by this? We produced extensive research to understand the gaps in there backlink profiles vs there main competitors. This ensured we was able to build links that actually made a difference to our ranking position and our eventual traffic and revenue from organic users.

Ultimately, with 90% of our campaigns – we’re tasked with increasing keywords, traffic & revenue from organic. We built a roadmap for the campaign so we was able to prioritise what changes would generate us short terms success vs long-term. This as well as ensuring we were prioritising the services & products which made the best ROI for the business.


The strategy we used started with understanding what the domain already ranked for, as well as using keyword research to undertand the SEO opportunity for the business.

Once we had this information we was able to compare to competitors within the market to build a roadmap for short term & long term SEO success.



Before the SEO campaign, Crosstown relied on traditional PR and a strong brand proposition. When considering performance marketing – there was originally a reliance on PPC to generate conversions and revenue. The ink digital team worked closely with the internal Crosstown team to develop and strategy and roadmap for SEO to provide growth across this channel.

We initially focused our efforts on building strong foundations for the business. This meant carrying out in-depth keyword research at the start of the campaign to ensure we knew what potential customers would be searching, but also to give us an understanding of the opportunity for the business.

We used this data to build a keyword sitemap and implement our on-site optimisation suggestions. We then moved our attention to building authority to this strategy. That included building a content strategy driving internal links to important pages, and building strategic links to further growth.


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We saw success from our strategy in a range of areas. We managed to increase the number of keywords the business was ranking for by over 6000. This enabled us to also produce an increase in organic traffic, and more importantly, an increase in organic revenue.


We saw an increase in ranking for 5812 keywords which inlcuded over 500 ranking in the top 3 positons in the SERPs.

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We saw an increase in organic traffoc of over 70% – this was focused on non-brand terms only.

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