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When working with Devitt, we were tasked with maximising visibility across important, high volume keywords; identify new insurance segments to target; and ultimately generate an increase in conversions going into peak season within the motorbike insurance season.

The biggest keyword targets were also the most competitive, with huge competitors such as Compare The Market & Money Supermarket dominating the SERP.

Because of this, we quickly managed client expectations, and targeted other direct motorcycle insurers as a measure of success. Competitors such as Be Moto, Motorcycle Direct and Bikesure were competitors we believed we could outrank for the biggest volume keywords, and any huge competitors such as Go Compare, would be a bonus.

This placed us with a target of achieving top 5 positions for keywords with over 10,000 monthly searches.

Another task alongside the improvement of huge volume keywords was identifying currently unranked, or low ranking, smaller niche oppertunities. Our plan here was to look at competitors, to understand where there were gaps in our targets, as well as keyword research to see which targets we were currently unranked for generated enough monthly search to warrant targeting.

This included other services, such as Motorhomes, Moped Insurance For 16 Year Olds and other smaller niche’s such as specific make and models of bikes.

As with almost every SEO campaign, the main goal is to produce results through conversions. For Devitt, the main conversion goals were direct quote requests on the site, calls to the sales team and current client renewals.

We were also tasked with understand at which point of the conversion funnel potential customers were dropping off, so Devitt could maximise their conversion rate and understand issues with their processes.


Out strategy was to begin our keyword research, understand exactly what our targets where and the priority in which we would target these.

After identifying around 600 different keyword variations we would like to target, we pieced these together into a keyword sitemap. This allowed us to understand where best these keywords would be housed, so we could target them, as well as additional pages we needed to create, in order to rank better for keywords through the use of dedicated pages.

Once the sitemap was built and agreed, we then implemented our page title tag, page h1 and meta description changes. This would have given the campaign a quick, and necessary boost early on in the campaign, once Google recognised the changes we had made.

After this, whilst we waited for keyword movement to settle after the re-indexing process, we carried out a full technical audit of the site, which allowed us to identify and fix any issues that were causing harm to SEO results.

The site was an old build, so we encountered various problems whilst trying to find fixes, but still managed to increase overall site health by around 11 on SEMRush’s technical audit crawler.

After the technical audit was complete, we built out a keyword pain point calendar. This identified often long-tail keyword questions that customers are asking, that we can then aim to answer either on an existing page or within a dedicated blog post.



Before we started working together, Devitt had a strong standing for most important keywords at the bottom of the first page or near the top of the second, in positions 8-15.

Devitt also had a strong backlink profile already established, which we new would help us compete with the household names in the top 5 positions for most keywords.

They also had an inhouse content team, which would allow “pain point” content to help drive conversions and generate traffic to be created alongside any further additional content requests for existing pages.


The biggest, but arguably the toughest objective due to the competitive nature of the keyword targets, was increasing keyword positions within the first page for huge volume keywords.

This included keywords such as:

  • Insurance for motorbike (position increased from 7th to 5th)
  • Insurance motorbike (position increased from 6th to 5th)
  • Motorbike insurance (position increased from 8th to 5th)

All of the above keywords generate over 25,000 unique visitors a month, and increasing visibility by a single place on the first page can have huge benefits for traffic and conversions.

From October 26th, to May 15th the following year, we saw an increase on every target keyword with over 10,000 monthly searches, all of which ranked in important positions on the first page.

By increasing huge volume keywords within the first page, as well as finding new niche opportunities to put resource into, we have also seen an increase in important conversions heading into peak season within the motorbike industry.

Conversions including online applications, as well as inbound telephone calls, were both up by over 100%.

Overall conversions also increased by 50.93% year on year for the same time period, highlighting the importance of the increased rankings heading into peak season.

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