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Kasey Wilkinson
Kasey Wilkinson

Social Media Trends To Look Out For Going Into 2022

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2021 has been a busy year for social media platforms and trends have dramatically changed over the last few years due to the innovation within these apps and technology.

2021 has been a busy year for social media platforms and trends have dramatically changed over the last few years due to the innovation within these apps and technology. 2022 is looking to take it even further so as digital marketers we are going to be very busy which is why its so important to keep up to date with the latest trends to ensure your marketing campaign is still effective. Be ahead of the fame and be prepared what’s to come next in 2022, here we will highlight a few trends.

Instagram Reels

Most recently Instagram reels has taken over the platform, users are asking for more entertaining video content which is why in 2022 you will embrace this and add video content to your core strategy plan, your videos must be creative and unique to your competitors in order for this to work and engage with users on Instagram. For example, TikTok has blown up the internet over lockdown due to the exciting fun content and now Instagram and businesses have jumped onto this trend. The attention span of Instagram users is short we must keep this in mind when creating the content, short and sweet is key. Short and entertaining. Also, your videos must provide value to the user watching the video and make it authentic, so it doesn’t look like an ad, be real with your followers but at the same time always link the video back to your offer or your overall marketing goals. Once you have created a reel and posted, if you receive lots of positive feedback and reach it may be time to turn this post into an AD to reach even more users, building up your audience even further.

Social media communication

Communicating with your followers and potential customers is vital. When talking to your followers always make sure you address them by there name to make it more personal and as if its not just copy and pasted, creating a personal relationship result in loyal and trusted customers. Also similar to the messages but going live on Instagram which is even more intimate which is what 2022 is all about, making your brand more personal and one which your audience can relate with for example you can do this by being more transparent about your business and showing the face behind the brand.

Facebook Ads

This particular type of AD is more effective than it has ever been, generating higher leads, messages and click through to links. When creating your ads you must keep in mind the short attention span of social media users and create posts which grab the attention of everyone and is engaging. We really hope this trend keeps up as you will be getting the maximum results for the money you are spending.

The Rise of Influencers

As there are an endless supply of influencers, many are now having to think outside the box and be different to everyone else in order for their content to stand out. Producing original material and exciting content which engage consumers will really sell your products. So going into 2022 choose wisely who you are going to work with when it comes to influencers and work with those who put a lot of time and effort into their content and is different to the rest even if its going to max out your budget it will all be worth it, resulting in helping your brand to stand out and showcasing your product/service to be high quality.

Overall, there are many different trends to keep your eye on going into 2022, you must keep up to date and be prepared to change up your social media marketing strategy. Working with a social media agency in Essex can help you with pushing your campaigns further to gain the best results possible.

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