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How to Write SEO Friendly Content

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Writing SEO friendly content is key to attracting more visitors and customers to your website. Recent research has shown that 61% of Marketers believe SEO should be their top inbound marketing priority.

Writing SEO friendly content is key to attracting more visitors and customers to your website. Recent research has shown that 61% of Marketers believe SEO should be their top inbound marketing priority. Delivering content on both your landing pages and blog posts which tick the right boxes can help propel your company to the next level.

With less than 1% of people clicking on results from the second page of their google search, SEO is becoming more important with increased competitiveness in the industry. This article will share some tips on how to write SEO friendly content to boost your website’s activity.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are stand-alone pages of your website that people will have been directed to after clicking an advertisement. Also known as ‘money pages,’ your users are on this page for a reason, specifically to buy a service or product or make an inquiry.

Creating SEO friendly landing pages should answer the question or show clear key features of the product they are offering. You should not be scared to make your landing pages long, including text, bullet points, images, forms, phone numbers, FAQs and anything you can do to support the sale of your product or service.

Using this example from Lending Expert which includes headings (h tags), price comparison tables, calculator, images, around 800 words of text and FAQs.

Use the right titles and descriptions

A strong meta-title has huge amounts of SEO value, so making sure that this includes you main keywords is essential. Be sure to put your main keyword at the beginning of the title, consider using a call to action like ‘Apply Now’ or “Buy Online From £7.99” and include your brand name at the end, separating your phrases with a bracket or pipe. See title tags for more information.

Be sure to add a meta description too, of around 150 to 170 characters, explaining the page, adding a few main keywords and a call to action such as ‘call us today….’ or ‘contact us here for more information.’


One of the most important ways you can make your landing page SEO friendly is through a good clear structure. Make sure that headings exist on your landing page. This will attract visitors who simply scan through articles; they will see how clear your landing page is and will attract them to stay on the site.

Your SEO will be affected by people bouncing off of your site quickly and having a detailed structure to your landing page with clear headings will help retain visitors. 36% of SEO experts believe that the headline is actually the most important SEO element. For example, a dog blog based in the UK might target terms such as “what is a dog dad?”. This is catch the readers eye, as well as ranking well for a high volume keyword.

Images and Videos 

Having bold and attractive images and videos on your site is another way to make your content more SEO friendly. Videos are 50x more likely to get an organic ranking than just plain text and if you are targeting Gen Z and Millenials, visual search is truly the way to go.

Clear images which display what the landing page is about and what the customer should be doing on that page help to increase time spent on the site which is a huge advantage for SEO. Nearly 30% of Google results are returned with images and having the best one can make your website stand out during searches.

Internal Links 

Allowing visitors to your landing page the opportunity to explore your site more can be the key to retaining them as valuable members of your community. Internal links on your landing page could direct them to other products or blog posts that make sure that their visit to your website is not a one-off.

Equally, if you have captured a customer through a blog post, whether they found it on Google or social media, you can use internal links to guide them towards money pages, landing pages or products you sell.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to produce SEO friendly content and drive traffic to your website. With 72% of online marketers describing content creation as their most effective SEO tactic, writing blog posts can help your website greatly. Here are some ways to make your blog posts SEO friendly.

Answer the Question 

The most important part of making your Blog posts SEO friendly is by making sure that your post answers the question you have set out. By making your points clearly and concisely while using keywords throughout your post, you will begin to see an increase in visitors to your site.

Updating Content 

With 34% of bloggers saying that updating content produces strong results, often developing and adding content to old posts can see more traffic driven to your website than before.

Adding new and clear imagery, writing more content and keeping your blog posts up-to-date is a great way for your SEO to be optimised and at all times. Although not always done, SEO experts have found great results in continuing to update old blog posts.

Similarly, if you found that your rankings have not moved in a long time or have been stagnant, refreshing your content and fetching it through Search Console can give this a real boost and help you to restore or gain some higher rankings.

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