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What changes are made to your website through SEO?

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When you speak to an SEO agency about receiving help for your website, it’s natural that a few changes are going to be made to improve it.

When you speak to an SEO agency about receiving help for your website, it’s natural that a few changes are going to be made to improve it. After all, you will want your website to look the best it can to attract the right customers to it.

In order to optimise your website as efficiently as possible, your SEO expert will most likely update quite a bit about your landing pages and brand image. So, don’t be afraid to ask them about what is going to happen. That way, you can always have a say when it comes to how you want your website to look and perform.

Here are some examples of the changes that could be made to your website thanks to SEO.

Keyword updates

When many experts think about SEO, the first thing that tends to come to their mind is keyword optimisation.

Naturally, if you want to stand out compared to your competition, you will need to have your landing pages updated with the most appropriate keywords. So, if you were selling red shoes, you may want to have a keyword like “red shoes”, but you may also want to vary this with location-specific keywords, like “red shoes Cambridge” or something like “red shoes for sale in Cambridge”.

It’s very likely that your landing pages will be updated with new keywords to ensure that Google, and the people who search on Google, find your website. This is quite a basic type of optimisation, but works fantastically as SEO for ecommerce sites, for example.

What’s useful about these updates is that you can also keep using them on your website when you create new landing pages. Just make sure you have the approval of your SEO expert before you get started!

Title tags, image tags, H1s and meta descriptions

It’s the small things that are going to build up and cause problems for your website. Google’s ranking system is based on how efficient and relevant your website is. So, if you are not keeping up with the smaller issues on your website, Google may end up judging it as poor. Therefore, it’s very unlikely that your site will appear anywhere near the top recommended results on this search engine.

Your SEO expert will change your website so that the smaller details are included. This includes adding title and image tags to your landing pages to make sure all content is fully described. A H1 will define the page and will include keywords to ensure the page can rank highly.

A meta description will also contain keywords that describe the content and act as a snippet of what your landing page has to offer. So, whenever you upload a new landing page, make sure to take care of these little issues.

Content updates

The type of content on your website will play a large role in defining whether or not your website will rank highly on Google. If it is full of spelling and grammar errors, looks spammy, contains no internal/external links or is completely copied from a different website, it will not rank.

Even if your content is good, if it has not been optimised to be searchable, it is very unlikely that you will attract the right customers to your website.

Your SEO expert will keep your landing pages refreshed with optimised content, and will also assist you to create blogs that can help you internally link to your ecommerce page. In some instances, they may even help you link your social media pages to your website and let you know how you can keep updating them on a regular basis.

Tracking software

Although this will not affect your website’s status or layout, you will find that your SEO expert will use software to see how well the website is ranking as a whole. Such software could include solutions like Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Semrush and Screaming Frog.

These changes may seem a little daunting as you will have to get used to new software, but they can help you see where you are going wrong with your website and which landing pages may need to be tidied up.

Formatting issues

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your customers. That’s why you may struggle to retain them if your website is slow to load and doesn’t look visually appealing. Your SEO expert may recommend changes to be made to the layout of the website so that the most important information is easier to find.

Are you ready to get serious about making the SEO-oriented changes to your website that will support your brand’s growth – online and offline? If so, now could be the right moment for you to reach out to the Mr SEO team.

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