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Kasey Wilkinson

Top tips for E-commerce SEO

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SEO for E-commerce is a strategy to make your website more visible within googles search engine results, when people are searching for specific products

SEO for E-commerce is a strategy to make your website more visible within googles search engine results, when people are searching for specific products, you want to rank as highly as possible, ideally on 1st page which results in increased traffic and click through to your site, in turn making a transaction. E-commerce SEO usually involves optimizing title Tags, H1s, product & meta descriptions, internal link structure and your navigational structure, you want your user to have the best experience when using your site therefore will be more likely to make a transaction.

Customers are very specific when they are searching for products hence why keyword research is so important to find out what the potential customer is looking for, the more niche keywords you use the better as there will be less competition within that area and you will more likely rank higher for it. In this article we will be talking about tips on how to improve your SEO within the E-commerce sector. If you are looking for further support, we offer various E-commerce SEO services.


To go in more depth about keywords, for each search result Google must pick the best pages which are most relevant for the user based on their search query. In other words what keywords have been used. There are different categories of keywords, ‘commercial’ which are words which indicate a desire to purchase a product for example “buy a PlayStation”. ‘Informational’ indicate a need to learn about a specific issue such as “how to use a PlayStation”. Finally, navigational keywords which are words which relate to a specific product or location for example “game store near me” you don’t have to optimize your site for ‘near me’ terms as google is clever enough to send a user to a service or product based on their local area.

Keyword variants are hugely important for all types of E-commerce, but especially within online fashion. With so many variations in clothing with minor changes such as colour or sizing, optimising for as many relevant keywords as possible is essential to compete with larger brands. For example, rather than optimising for just “Tracksuits”, optimising this page for “Womens Oversized Tracksuits” will help filter out people who are looking for a specific type of tracksuit and target less competitive keywords, which in turn will generate better results.

Fresh content

Frequently publish new unique content to give search engines something new to crawl for ranking criteria, you can achieve higher rankings based on the content you post. You can talk about the latest news, trends in your industry and even write blog posts to keep your audience informed and updated and to also give potential customers an insight into your business to create a more personal feel about the company, translating in returning traffic and to build trust. Your website design must attract customers and add value to their shopping experience therefore should be easy to navigate and to understand.

Optimize for intent

Search intent is the reason behind why a user has searched, explaining the motive and purpose, the better your website serves Googles users the higher it will reward you in terms of traffic and rankings. It’s all about giving the best answer exactly how the customer needs it, meeting your potential customers immediate needs. When you are producing your content for your site, write for humans not for search engines, now days its about optimizing for real people making it easier and more understandable.

Customer reviews

Reviews by customers help boost conversions, 90% of consumers say they are more likely to buy products once seeing reviews based upon them, especially customer generated content to get a real insight towards the products. It’s in your best interest to gather the opinions of your previous customers to attract new ones to your site.

Overall, E-commerce SEO is highly valuable and if your thinking of starting a business within this industry there’s no need to be an expert and you can get started on the above without feeling out of your comfort zone.

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