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Kasey Wilkinson
Kasey Wilkinson

The SEO Industry’s Biggest Awards

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For any digital marketing agency, like us here at MR SEO, entering these awards is the most cost-effective way to gain recognition in the industry

For any digital marketing agency, like us here at MR SEO, entering these awards is the most cost-effective way to gain recognition in the industry and to give your business that boost and reassurance from the top professionals. There are many different awards, covering various categories based all over the UK and many reasons why you should enter, we will talk through this in this article.

How it works?

Each candidate will submit their forms before the deadlines there is normally a large time gap between the opening submissions and the deadlines. Judges will then read and score each entry form, and all judges will combine all entries, each with the highest score will be shortlisted. Judges will then meet and discuss the top candidates and agree on a winner for each category, conducting this fairly and ethically.

The different categories

Each category is different in terms of who applies, and the tactics required to stand out from the other applicants. The judges will be looking at how each entry has thought about the needs for their sector, whether this is technical or creative in order to meet and exceed objectives. These awards also welcome paid and organic search as the return on investment is universal.

Why enter?                    

There are endless reasons and positive outcomes on why you should enter for a digital marketing award. Receiving an award will increase your credibility and can be used as evidence to prove your expertise and success to a client, building trust. Also, this will create PR opportunities to showcase your award and raise awareness about your agency. A great hiring tactic, more people would want to work with you being an award-winning agency, attracting the best of the best and will also boost the morale of your already existing staff, recognising their hard work. By the awards being judged by the experts in the industry, this provides clarity on your work and objectives as they have been approved by the top people. Most importantly you are opening your business up to the international market and to thousands of potential clients, allowing growth for your business, this could be life changing.

The Search Award

The first award we will look at is called ‘the search award’ an ethical award which has been around for a decade and is regarded as the premiere celebration. You can enter for both UK and globally, celebrating how search is changing and recognising the impact of PPC, SEO and Content Marketing has on the digital world. Transforming innovative agencies who stand out from the crowd with their campaigns, creating quality content that consumes audiences. This award attracts hundreds of entries from around the UK and the world. The judges are also scouted based on their expertise and experience from across the globe, making sure the best companies win. This year’s 2021 UK search award is in November in London. They will host a range of the best SEO agencies in London & the UK!

UK Digital Growth Awards

This award has a slight difference and is more so focusing on celebrating website design, digital campaigns, application of tools and data in the UK. Working very similar to the previous award, to be in the chance of winning you must impress a panel of influential judges, who will take part in a 2-step process conducted in a fair manner. They are looking out for work which will transform business and to revolutionise customer experience, could your business take on the challenge?

The Northern Digital Awards

This event attracts a substantial number of entries and have over 400 guests attending the event, including the leading experts and professionals of the digital marketing world.

Google partner awards

I feel this could be one of the most recognised awards due to have popular and important Google is and will result in strong partnership between you and your clients. The google partner awards celebrate industry leaders and the impact they have in digital marketing and to encourage businesses to share their stories. This year 2021, they have a new set of categories, brand awareness, lead generation, online sales and app growth. The lucky winners will receive a Google-sponsored case study and your story will be featured on Google platforms which then can be spread across all social media channels and your website to create instant trust between you and potential clients, as your business has been approved by those within Google.

Overall, there are many awards to acknowledge successful, innovative companies of any size. Being a winner of one of these awards boosts brand awareness, showcases the talent within your business and promotes you to a world of new clients. What are you waiting for?

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