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Kasey Wilkinson
Kasey Wilkinson

Preparing For SEO in 2022


SEO trends have changed dramatically in the last few years, the algorithms are constantly changing due to the innovation in technologies and the diverse, fast paced industry

SEO trends have changed dramatically in the last few years, the algorithms are constantly changing due to the innovation in technologies and the diverse, fast paced industry. Search engines require your full attention all year round and that is why its so important to keep up to date with the latest trends to make sure your SEO campaign is still effective. 2022 is just around the corner so be ahead of the game and be prepared for what’s to come in the new year, within this article we will talk about trends to look out for.

Effective Video Content

Your upcoming SEO campaigns should include video content, online video platforms have gone crazy over the last year since the TikTok craze over lockdown. Many businesses now use platforms such as TikTok and Instagram reels to engage with their customers and expand their audience with fun and exciting short video clips.

You must optimize your video content, for example within your video channel description you need to include user friendly words which gives the user an overview of what your channel is about and to include keywords to direct your content to the intended audience. The use of videos is hugely beneficial and can be a helpful source of information to customers. There are many different ideas for video content including, informative videos, product demos and tutorials. By creating enticing snippets will create engagement with you and the customer and in turn will also lead to you appearing in the video section of Google.

Voice Search

58% of consumers use voice search to find local business information and to online shop. Alexa, Siri and Google Dot play a part in people’s daily lives, its only a matter of time before voice search is the go to form of searching. The effects this has on SEO is that marketers will have to write content, which is in conversational format, meaning it is more natural and including words a person would use to search for particular things. This change could give businesses a chance to reconnect with customers on a personal level.

Learning how to create conversational content is essential. The main things are to not have the content in a formal structure and instead be more natural with the language and less emphasis on the keywords. The most effective method for this natural, conversational speech is using FAQs on the website. This is where you can answer your most frequent questions, meaning when users use voice search to ask Google something your FAQs will come up within the search which leads to more organic traffic to your site which also could lead to an increase in conversions.

Ethical Link Building

Link building schemes have changed dramatically and are now seriously penalized by Google, you must be wary of strategies which include paid links or reciprocal link exchanges. Exchanging money for links and large-scale guest posting are all very common however they are considered to be black hat SEO techniques. So, to rank higher on Googles search you must be more ethical when it comes to backlinks, the way to do this is having content out there which is useful and helpful where it will attract links organically, also distributing this content over social media will also help to yield the best results possible.

Voice based shopping

During covid-19 online shopping spiked as the shops were closed and many people spent time indoors on their phones, e-commerce stores hugely benefited from this. Since then, Google are adding many features to aid online shoppers for example, ‘open cart tabs’ which shows your current open carts when you open a new tab which makes it easier for customers to pick up from where they left off, also encouraging more sales for those online businesses. Also, the idea of a ‘shopping graph’ has been introduced which is a model created to understand products, sellers, and brands, providing users with the help they require as google shows them listings from many merchants related to their search. This all works on real-time so they will only show relevant products which are in stock and product information and even prices, allowing for an easy shopping experience.

Overall, there are many different trends to keep an eye out for moving into 2022, keeping up to date is essential as you can alter your strategies and make changes to make sure your current campaigns are going to be effective once these trends come around. Working with an SEO agency can help with how to optimise your site in the most effective way. Pushing your business expertise to the next level, speak to us at our SEO agency in Essex for more information.

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