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Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan

Introducing the new Mr.SEO Tool for Small Business Owners

Take control of growth through Mr SEO tool

Since starting the Consultancy/Agency in October of last year I realised how many small business owners understand the importance of SEO but just can’t afford to invest due to agency prices.

Since starting the Consultancy/Agency in October of last year I realised how many small business owners understand the importance of SEO but just can’t afford to invest due to agency prices.

Since then I have been working on a tool to empower business owners to build and execute their own SEO strategy without the need of having any prior SEO experience. This Do-It-Yourself SEO tool will help you to increase organic traffic & sales without paying thousands of pounds to agencies!

The step by step guide provides you with monthly actions across various SEO deliverables, making it easy for anyone in your organisation to manage and make progress using the tool.

There is both a Local SEO Tool & a National SEO version of the tool. Currently, I’m only offering packages using all features of the tool.

Build your strategy

The tool will enable you to work on the following on a monthly basis

  • Keyword research

Firstly, the tool will enable you to find the keywords you relevant to your business. These will be the keyword you believe will get you conversions & sales. You can always change this if you end up offering further services or products.

image101 300x145 1
  • Keyword Sitemap

The next step is creating a keyword sitemap to ensure you have a page for your keywords. Each page will have a set of keywords in which the tool will help you to optimise.

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  • Content Analysis & Topic Generator

The tool has a content analysis function that will generate content topics for you. Whether it’s based on longer tail keywords or content that gets great social engagement, this will help you build a content strategy for your website.

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  • Local SEO
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The tool has a few different local SEO functions which both national and local business owners can take advantage of. The tool can be synced with your google my business and you can actually make changes to your Google my business page through the tool, as well as this you can respond to reviews & create posts to share.

The local section also looks at your current citations/directories and gives areas in which citations are incorrect and need updating.

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The tool also has an insights section dedicated to local SEO information. This looks as interactions with your Google my business insights & interactions with your Maps listing.

  • Competitor Analysis
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I always tell my clients to take inspiration from what your competitors do well. Whether it’s their blog content or the backlinks they have, there’s nothing wrong with having a spy, on your competition and seeing what you can do make yours better.

The tool allows you to see where your competitors rank, but you don’t and where they have backlinks that you don’t.

You can then use these insights to improve your content & links.

Make SEO changes aka ACTIONS

Once you’ve built your strategy the tool will generate your monthly actions (To-do list)

  • Technical SEO
image107 300x146 1

The image above shows actions that you will receive once you have created your strategy. The majority of technical changes can be easily done yourself and are explained throughout the tool.

  • Outreach Support
image108 300x130 1

The tool enables you to contact journalists who might have relevant PR requests – this is a great way to build relationships and links.

  • Backlink Analysis & Opportunities
image109 300x112 1

Alongside finding PR requests you can also find links that your competitors have and look at ways to generate these for yourself.

  • On-Site Optimisation
image110 300x142 1

The actions list will have all optimisation changes to ensure the website is in a position to rank for your chosen keywords.


Your strategy can be tracked using the reporting tab, this will track keyword changes & traffic increases.

  • Analytics
image111 300x142 1
  • Keyword Tracking


  • Live Chat

All customers have access to live chat (me) during business hours, however, I’m available outside of these hours on occasions.


I am close to finishing a help centre for users of the tool. This will have a range of FAQ’s across each area of the tool.

The tool starts at £79.99 per month and each customer will receive a strategy session with myself.

If you’d like to book a demo with me, you can do so here.

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