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How to define success when investing in SEO for your business

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When you open your own business, the main thing you want to focus on is its visibility. It can be difficult to bring in the right customers if you are unsure about how you can advertise your services.

When you open your own business, the main thing you want to focus on is its visibility. It can be difficult to bring in the right customers if you are unsure about how you can advertise your services. This is where SEO can come into play to display what your brand has to offer its clients.

So, the question is, how can you define success when you invest in SEO for your business? That’s what we are going to find out below.

Higher SERP

SERP stands for “search engine results page” and is usually used in tandem with how well your website is ranking on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Businesses all have different search terms that they endeavour to rank for. So, let’s say you have a shoe store in Edinburgh. If you have a specific product you want advertised, like black shoes, you may use search terms like:

  • Black shoes in Edinburgh
  • Edinburgh black shoes
  • Black shoes Edinburgh

These types of search terms can be used for any category of business. Whether it is SEO in Ipswich or hotels in Blackpool, you will find that they can be very effective. If you optimise your website with these search terms in a natural manner, and combine them with quality content, you will probably find it is more likely that your website will rank on Google.

The main aim for most SEO experts is to have their websites rank somewhere on page one. However, success can be seen if a website slowly begins to climb up the ranking pages.

Strong metrics

Naturally, if you are going to invest in your SEO, you are going to need some SEO software to track its progress. You may invest in strong content, keywords and PPC advertising, but the only way you are going to see if they have any effect is by utilising SEO software. This includes tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs.

These types of tools can help you monitor how much traffic is coming to your website, as well as how well your keywords are performing. Through these tools, you can see your successes in a visual format, as well as a data format. You can also use these tools to monitor any weaknesses and fix them so that they can eventually become a success.


By opening up a shop, you are naturally going to have customers that want to interact with your brand. This could be in the form of leaving comments on your social media or reviews on Google Reviews or your website.

Usually, if you are having success with your SEO, you will find that you will get more people who interact with your brand. So, if you are hosting a social media competition, you will get more people trying to share and like your posts. You may also get more emails asking questions about your brand, or you may even have an active audience that wants to sign up to your newsletter.

The more interaction you are getting as a business, the more it likely shows that your SEO is working in relation to promoting your brand.

Higher traffic levels

The main purpose behind SEO is to bring in more traffic to your website. Your SEO should help bring in new customers who may not have previously heard about your brand. If your website is optimised correctly, it should direct customers to different pages of interest through internal links. It should also promote the products visually so that customers know exactly what they are buying.

If you are bringing in a higher level of traffic, you should be making more sales as a result. Therefore, this will prove that your SEO has been a success.

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