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Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan

A Guide To SEO Quick Win’s

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It is always important for any individual or business looking to tap into the potential of search engine optimisation (SEO) not to take an excessively short-term approach.

It is always important for any individual or business looking to tap into the potential of search engine optimisation (SEO) not to take an excessively short-term approach. Indeed, this is one reason why we consistently advise our own clients to invest in three months’ work with us to give a chance to see the results of our work together.

However, it is also true that ‘quick wins’ – actionable measures that have been shown to consistently deliver a short-term impact – can still have a part to play in a longer-term SEO strategy. After all, as complicated a field as SEO can undoubtedly be, not all proven SEO measures are greatly difficult to understand or take a long time to yield results.

So with the above in mind, here are some ‘quick wins’ you might try with your own brand’s search engine optimisation efforts:

Research and use relevant keywords

While keyword research tools – like the one that Google provides as part of its Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) service – can help you to pick out potential keywords for your SEO campaigns, you can also come up with relevant keywords simply by searching for them.

If you are currently optimising for ‘Italian restaurants in Camberwell’, for instance, you may be able to group this with other keywords that are largely the same in intent and meaning, such as ‘Camberwell restaurants’ or ‘Italian restaurants in South London’. This depends on what the keyword research suggests; our London SEO team can support you, get in contact to speak to an expert!

One potential way to come up with relevant keywords is to perform a Google search for a query you’re already optimising for, and scroll to the ‘Searches related to…’ section towards the bottom of the results page.

Aim to capture ‘featured snippets’

Featured snippets are a now-familiar part of the Google search landscape, a portion of the text of an especially relevant page often showing up when one performs a search for a given query.

If your business currently has one of its pages ranking on the first page of the search results and a featured snippet from a competitor presently appears at the top of the results page, you might optimise your page to try to win that featured snippet.

Optimise your category-page copy

Category pages are the often unglamorous and forgotten nephews of homepages, product pages and landing pages, frequently featuring less-than-compelling copy.

That means there’s almost always something to be gained by optimising that copy afresh with SEO in mind, including to appeal better to the human user.

Write regularly, with human users in mind

Engaging and relevant content provides a powerful means of boosting your site’s search ranking performance, but the production of it should not feel like a chore.

Constantly writing relevant content – even if not all of it is ultimately published on your site – will help to generate useful and topical ideas for SEO-worthy blog posts.

Also go beyond merely targeting search-engine bots; ensure your content is engaging and provides real value for human users, as attempting to hook in search engine spiders alone is likely to lead to high bounce rates among real visitors.

Optimise your business in other parts of the web

It’s likely that your business will have a presence online extending beyond its website. Your brand might have various social media profiles, for example, that may only be updated sporadically, and therefore display conflicting address and contact details.

Optimising your organisation’s social media channels and directory listings with the same comprehensive information and well-chosen keywords will therefore help to send a strong signal of relevance and credibility to both search engine spiders and human users. And you may only need to spend an hour or so doing it.

Would you like to learn more about the SEO quick wins your own brand may be missing out on, as part of a broader and in-depth SEO campaign focused on delivering the best possible ROI? In that case, don’t hesitate to place your faith in Mr. SEO as your SEO agency in Essex. Complete and submit the below online enquiry form to request your free no-obligation SEO audit.

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