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5 Reasons To Become An SEO Professional

When it comes to obtaining new skills or changing careers, SEO might be a great option. In a post-pandemic world, digital jobs have become more and more popular

When it comes to obtaining new skills or changing careers, SEO might be a great option. In a post-pandemic world, digital jobs have become more and more popular, one of the best elements of this industry is that, is usually very flexible when it comes to travel, work from home or remotely, which is ideal if you  want to become a digital nomad and  explore the world.

The Search Engine Optimization industry is rapidly expanding! 

Every day, more people become aware of digital marketing, and its importance in today’s society, where many areas of daily life, as well as business, have gone online. As a result, search engine optimizers are in high demand. There are almost 14,000 job vacancies, in the UK alone, that match the word “SEO” in 2022, not to mention all the remote jobs. 

Look for vacancies in your area, for example jobs in London, approach firms, and give a try to this profession that may become your next passion.

You can create your own career path  

In most cases, you don’t need a high degree diploma. Search engine optimization has an innovative approach, it continues to grow and develop. Professional skills cannot be measured in the classic way, but employers and clients may be surprised by the talent that each expert brings to the table.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of experience. Currently, there are  several courses and certifications  you can obtain online. You can start with an entry level job, Internships are a good option, this is an opportunity to get to know first hand  the industry, and all the details that this profession can entail.

Some of the most important skills to succeed in this career are  HTML & CSS, data analysis, link building, technical & SEO best practices and JavaScript.

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Don’t be afraid to try and test different things, as everything you learn  will be an extra tool  to include in your skills set and boost your expertise.  Make sure to include all this knowledge in your resume, you can try a free CV maker to showcase all your talents! 

Choose the type of contract that is more suitable for you. 

One of the nicest aspects of this profession  is that you can choose the type of job you want to have. If you decide to work for a company, you may have a full-time or part-time contract, and you can work at the office or remotely. You can even be your own boss!

The level of responsibility varies based on the contract you choose; for example, if you work part-time, you could work with small businesses and perform activities directly related to their search engine measures, whereas if you work full-time, you could have different responsibilities, such as creating a marketing strategy and managing people.

To begin, you might accept a junior job, such as Jr. SEO executive or Specialist, and then progressively advance to more challenging roles, such as team leader, manager, SEO specialist, or executive, as you gain experience.

It pays well!

According to Indeed, the average salary for an SEO specialist in the UK is £2,351 per month. Currently, there are many job portals and networks, such as Search Engine Journal where you can find job vacancies, and network with other professionals in the industry, to find better opportunities.

It is not a minor detail that as a freelancer you can earn even more, as additional pay could include cash bonuses, profit sharing, incentives, and tips. 

Diversity of roles available.

Working in this profession has several advantages, including the opportunity for everyone to develop their talents and maximize their potential, whether it is through direct interaction with clients, devising marketing plans, managing social networks, or administrative skills. Some available positions you can find within this market are:

Email Marketing specialist. 

In this role, you will focus on enhancing the customer experience through email marketing in order to strengthen long-term relationships and increase brand awareness.

Digital Marketing Manager

They will be responsible for developing and overseeing online marketing strategies for companies ranging from start-ups to large businesses. They will likely liaise with any London SEO agency you might work with as well as PPC company. 

They are responsible for overseeing the projects and ensuring that your digital marketing campaign runs smoothly from start to finish.

Search Engine Marketer

Search engine marketing demands mastery of skills such as Pay Per Click marketing (PPC), advertising, and some customer relations, as you will be working to promote  both consumers and search engines.

Business Marketing Consultant  

They are in charge of carrying out the various tactics outlined in the marketing plan. A digital marketing consultant is an expert in the implementation of both inbound and outbound web initiatives.
A Business marketing consultant uses the marketing plan to achieve the objectives according to the business model, available resources, current situation and future prospects.

Social Media Manager 

They don’t just manage the company’s social media. In this role you will create a community around the value your company provides, sharing crucial information, and not only selling, but also providing free benefits to this group.


Search engine optimization  is a flourishing industry, providing an excellent opportunity to branch out and explore new things. it has a bright future in a fast – changing world; the opportunities are limitless! 

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